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In a beautiful "Ascension" through the dimensions of time and space, Owachomo Natural Bridge in Southern Utah connects the earth with the heavens, standing sturdy and proudly under the radiant stars and ethereal Milky Way, its reflection glowing boldly in an evaporating pool of water of the dry wash below...the universe is just showing off, but boy-oh-boy can you really feel its unconditional love filling up all your senses...

This was taken at one of the darkest sky locations in all of North America at Natural Bridges National Monument in Southern Utah on a frigid spring night with temps hovering around the 20F mark...pictured here is Owachomo Natural Bridge
This is a vertical composition created by using the photomerge function in adobe photoshop cc to blend together 3 separate semi-long exposures taken a few hours apart from each other...the first of the natural bridge and surrounding rocks just after the sun had set (f/8 @24mm for 71 seconds, iso-100), the second a few hours later after all the remaining light of the sun had faded away and stars in darks skies were overhead (f/1.4@23mm for 15seconds, iso-1600), and the third of the reflection of the stars in the pool of water in the evaporating dry wash (f/1.4@24mm for 13seconds, iso-3600)...

Owachomo is the smallest and thinnest of the three natural bridges here and is commonly thought to be the oldest. We may never know for certain, because each of the bridges is eroding at different rates. Regardless of its relative age, Owachomo Bridge is an awe-inspiring feat of erosion.


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