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BS6 Finale

BS6 Finale

This impression is my best selling image of all time by a longshot. Usually printed on metal as a triptych, it has easily out-sold every single one of my other photos by a substantial margin…in my early years as a professional photographer, this picture single handedly helped to create the entity of Bodhi Smith Photography as a viable business…
Pictured here is the perfect alignment of the sun setting directly centered underneath the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California. Also known affectionately by locals in San Diego as "ScrippsHenge", this event happens twice a year as the relative positioning of the setting sun (due to the 23 degree tilt of the earth's axis) moves toward its highest latitudes at the summer solstice, and then returns back to its lowest latitudes at the winter solstice. In the case of Scripps Pier, those dates are May 1-3 as the sun moves northward towards summer solstice, and then again on Aug 11-13 (these very days right now as sure as I’m typing) as the sun moves back southward towards winter solstice...

Then it happened, all of a sudden the setting sun hit the gap in the clouds, and the whole length of sky along the horizon lit up brightly yellow, bold and radiant like the Finale in a fireworks god, so gorgeous, climactic and transcending. I swear the Finale of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky was playing in my head as the excitement in my heart and spirit built up, and I took the picture you see here before you...So beautiful, beyond my hope and anticipation…the colors, the striking reflection of the sun in the waters and wet sand…


*Actual image will be printed at a higher resolution without any watermarks on our High Gloss White metal finish.

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