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BS16 Perserverance

BS16 Perserverance

​The famous Wanaka Tree is such a beautiful metaphor of "Perseverance" and a belief in pure love...under the infinite canopy of stars glowing above, ​there​'​s this ​tenacious ​little tree ​persistent in his faith​​…​growing​ ​against​ all odds in the middle of a lake, persevering through all difficulties​. trusting​ the waters will always nourish and not drown ​him​, knowing ​he​ will continue to ​survive​ and ​endure​ even in times of high doubt, those scary times filled with uncertainty​. ​understanding his connection with nature and his unconditional love for her will fortify his resolve to be alive, never give up, and be his best possible self... 

pictured here is the lone willow growing in the middle of a lake...the  wanaka tree (pronounced like "monica") under the northern portion of the milky way on the south island of new zealand...this tree is truly a beautiful symbol of perseverance for us all to behold and find inspiration...a tree growing in the middle of a lake is beautifully symbolic of true perseverance, such an inspiration to us all...for if a lone tree can do that, then you too can also continue to grow and blossom with perseverance, even when surrounded by an world so seemingly unforgiving...

*Actual image will be printed at a higher resolution without any watermarks on our High Gloss White metal finish.

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