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Spring Enters Grand Teton Like a Lion LIMITED EDITION

Spring Enters Grand Teton Like a Lion LIMITED EDITION

You plan, you walk the lines the day before when the light is harsh. You book a place to stay that is as near as possible, but still about a 40-minute drive, and is an unheated tepee when the overnight temperatures get down to about 20°F in early June. You wake at 0330 and try to quietly depart the campsite so as not to disturb all the other sane travelers. You drive to the location and find a tour group also arriving at the same time.... but, they are setting up for the straight on shot, which you have seen a thousand times.

You know it's been dark, with few stars, but there are breaks in the clouds as you drive to the location. But, as you set up your gear, you watch in horror as the clouds thicken, a periodic drizzle is an annoyance, because you are already freezing, the winds are gusty, and the updrafts from the mountains stop the clouds in their tracks...right above the scene. The ephemeris data says this is first light...but, there is no sun, there is no horizon to the east, only heavy cloud cover.

Spring in Wyoming. Unpredictable. Frustrating. Exhilarating. Worth it.
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