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DC33 The Guiding Light

DC33 The Guiding Light

It had rained the night before, so despite having stopped on our travels from San Diego to specifically hike Kanarra Falls, my wife and I awoke to an overcast morning and were hesitant to return to the start point. We waited much later than we planned, with a long drive ahead of us for the day, but finally decided to attempt the hike at 9 AM.

I am so glad we did. Had we been there earlier, this shot would have been even better, and as it was, this is barely what I saw as I tried to put the tripod together and in place before snapping off the images. There was still quite a bit of mist from the morning's cool waters hanging in this portion of the slot canyon and as we turned the corner, the single ray of sunlight illuminating that mist was a "Wow" moment. I got this one shot, before it was too warm, the mist had evaporated completely, and the sun proceeded to move past this angle.

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