Collection: D. "Bodhi" Smith

Bodhi is a native Californian born next to the ocean in Northern San Diego county. He currently makes his home only a few miles from where he was born & carves out a living as a professional landscape photographer, high school photography teacher, published writer, and international tour guide.

"Photography is a magical and unique because i's like no other art form. Just think about it; when you take a picture, you see something in a way only you can see it. It's very personal, a part of what is inside of you. It's your vision and your alone... The camera is just a mechanism that is reflecting back that vision, creating something tangible, a permanent memory of your experiences -- things seen through your own eyes, in your own unique way. It's something you can reflect back upon. And if you choose, let others see it as well... and then they to can experience our vision, but in their own personal way..." -D. "Bodhi" Smith