Collection: Daniel Clouser

Dan Clouser is an award-winning photographer based in La Mesa, California. An experienced traveler with an inquisitive mind, he enjoys capturing images that inspire others to embark on their own journeys of exploration and discovery.

Primarily focused on the apparent world, his images are crafted to highlight the dynamic nature of the world around us. Influenced by his opportunities to travel the world during a 30-year military career, he has experienced first-hand the role exposure to new places, cultures and ideas plays in broadening human understanding. From breathtaking panoramas to more intimate studies, his work transforms the viewer from passive spectator to an imaginative and integral component of the scene.

Honored to be the 2021 Nature/Landscape Photographer of the Year for Professional Photographers of San Diego County (PPSDC), he has images recognized across the competitive spectrum and exhibited in galleries around the country. Additionally, National Geographic selected one of his images for inclusion in a travelling exhibition intended to bring the cultures of Kazakhstan and the United States closer together, by highlighting the similarities between our two nations. He looks forward to your impressions of his work and is open to suggestions about new experiences to be explored.